About Us

Everything you need to know about PetroTeam


Petroteam is a leading equipment and services provider in the oil and gas industry. Over the years of executing oil and gas projects in South East Asia, it has developed and established strong relationships with world renowned oil & gas equipment OEM’s and service providers.

Petroteam is also equipped with a strong group of oil & gas professionals that are able to aid in the design and sizing of various equipment for oil and gas applications.

Oil and Gas

We’ve been building a name in Oil & Gas and strive to stay among industry leaders.

Other Industries

At PetroTeam, we go the extra mile by providing complete technology solutions beyond Oil & Gas.

Environmental Impact

We hold the highest environmental standards while minimizing cost. Our partners are some of the world leaders in environmental innovation.

Why Choose PetroTeam

We take pride in our successful track record. We’ve taken on major projects around the world and we always rise to any challenge. In today’s fast changing economy, we understand how to leverage cost and productivity. This has lead to many progressive technologies becoming industry standards.

On-Time Delivery99%
Satisfied Clients100%
QC Passed98%